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BEDA #16: Ponderings of a Break

This month has been eventful, to say the least – new job, Camp Nanowrimo, BEDA. The Biblical Walk through the Mass is going to start at the end of this month as well, one of the new courses I’m helping out with.

So I’m sitting here on my break, waiting for my duty time to come up and a short meeting afterwards, so I’m hoping I can leave before two, if there’s nothing much going on. Hence, as I ponder, I’m hoping I can get a few words in for today, maybe during the time where I stare at the wall. Monotony can breed creativity sometimes.

28 minutes left to duty time (I wrote this at 10:02AM). The spices from the refreshments are getting to my head now. Time to douse it and see how much I can churn out today.

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