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BEDA #12: Night Frights

I’ve been getting shivers over the past few nights, I don’t know if it’s anxiety or whatever nonsense. I haven’t had sleep problems since my Secondary School years, so this came as quite a shock to me. That being said, perhaps a micro-fic piece may be able to sum things up.

by Joelyn Alexandra

I felt it, the stir. I regsitered little, the shiver of a cool night prompting a reaction from my appendages – a slight stirring, meant to die as quickly as it came.

But the circuits reacted, through arteries and veins, an electrocution ensued, the virus infiltrating, sounding the alarms that shook my entire being. My closed eyes panicked, their lids pressed closed, a gasp in my throat detected a demonic presence, tingling just at the tips of my hairs.

“Open your eyes! Open them!”

My brain screamed through the ominous incident. My lids hesitated, breathing in the frigid air through the cold mist than now condensed against my skin. Fighting my demons, I threw my lids open, grasping the dim light that cast the shadows in the darkness.

The cracks, like the shattered glass of a mirror, spread across the image I saw, festering until I fell back into the darkness.


The feelings that went through my head during my encounter with Sleep Paralysis – to be honest, it’s not something you’d want to go through again.

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