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BEDA #10: And We All Write On…

When I entered Earshot Cafe at The Arts House, the first thing that came to my mind was – this is different. Terry and the facilitator, Anu Kumar, were already there when Joyce and I arrived. Mintea, Sarah, and Raven were there for the event as well.

Earshot Cafe getting set up.

Unlike the usual Book Council events, Terry had the food and drinks laid out across a long table with snacks from Earshot, so it really looked like a literary dinner session. However, shortly after the people started streaming in, the session started.

Anu, Terry, and Joyce speaking about their experiences.

Anu Kumar, a writer who has published a number of childrens’ books in India, started the session with Terry and Joyce both talking about their writing experiences and their various publications.

While each writer will have their personal experiences and journeys, one thing did stick to my head very well – The Picture in their Head. Terry explained the motivational image he got was a Pavilion atop Fort Canning, which turned out to be one of the main fixtures in his book.

For Joyce, her journey was greatly varied but also rather personal. For me, it told me how I was able to relate to her work really well, as others who enjoy her work do.

Supporters lined up with food and drinks.

Q&A went on rather well before we broke into the food and mingling session – that became a rather fruitful since we got to speak to quite a few people, writers, viewers, readers alike.

That being said, it does give me a lot of motivation to actually buckle down and get stuff out. The Genre Fiction scene in Singapore definitely has talent, so I look forward to more events and publications in our literary arts field =)

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