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BEDA #3: The Crown of Earth’s Desire… the Treasure of Singapore Literature

To complement my last signal boost of Terry Ho’s new book, Crown of Earth’s Desire, first of The Forbidden Hill Chronicles, here’s a glimpse to what we can expect and look forward to at the Arts House.

Nice and set up.

Following Samantha De Silva and Joyce Chng, Terry Ho is the next Fantasy author I’ve met in Singapore. Published by Renaissance Publishing (another local publisher), Crown of Earth’s Desire chooses another aspect of fantasy that most fans will be familiar with – time travel/ alternate dimensions.

Like most local speculative authors, he manages to meld alternate dimensions with Singapore’s history, giving it a kind of identity us Singaporeans can relate to.

On display at the launch (Kinokuniya Orchard)

Lina, Avarielle, and myself arrived early, so we managed to catch the opening by the publisher, Lance. He did not really open on the right shade though, if you know what I mean. Heh.

Terry later presented himself as a wizard, talking about the motivation behind his novel – Singapore history, his Peranakan culture, and so forth. His extensive research of Singapore’s pre-Raffles history was rich, which led us to understand why Renaissance made the move to publish his piece.

Terry in wizard garb.

Soon came a quiz and a few readings. Sarah (who came later), Lina, and myself won pens and magnets from The Forbidden Hill Chronicles merchandise as well as some Kinokuniya vouchers (which were promptly used for the book). Travis (Terry’s brother), Grace (Terry’s wife), and Terry himself did three separate readings for that session.

Grace doing the reading of Crown of Earth’s Desire.

The novel itself will give an insightful glimpse into the action-packed mythology that continues to shroud the lesser-known, pre-Raffles history of Singapore. If you get this book, you may look at Singapore in another light.

Crown of Earth’s Desire is available at Kinokuniya and Paradigm Infinitum. You can find out more on the series here.

See you on Terry’s 7 August event!

Crowned =)

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