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BEDA #2: What do you stand for?

In this day and age, social causes are getting larger in number and popularity. Social Media, in addition, just gives them more exposure – SPCA, UN Women, Pink Dot, all these causes reached better heights with the aid of social media, just to name a few.

With such an abundance of various social cause groups, you will expect to see more individuals – family, friends, people you talk to in groups – and find yourself in the position to decide your stand.

Now what am I getting at? Just my two cents – the rising prominence of opinions in the online sphere brings about people from different view points. Discussions can be democratic and healthy, it also presents a good exercise of your brain – to decide your path yourself. However, while many voice grievances and influence, one question remains standing:

What do you stand for?

Let me give you an example:

Someone who speaks against animal cruelty who does not only speaks out against animal abuse and testing but takes another step to shun animal products and becomes a vegan. While s/he has decided to cross out the acts s/he is against, s/he also starts putting down people (inadvertently people around her/him) for eating meat, saying it’s good as bloody murder.

Scenarios like this can get rather common, especially when people are very passionate about their movements. Heck, even I can be like that over certain issues. While passion is all great and inspiring though, I guess we all need to see if we have the answers to our own questions – Now that we know what we’re against, do we know what we’re for?

In short, what do we want?

And to step in and give more cents, I agree with a friend who said, “Many of us are moderates.” Yes, you can stand within the spectrum, what is there to be angry or insecure about if you know what you’re standing for? What good is it to mull and rage over “you’re either with or against us” or “you’re against X, therefore you’re against Y and therefore not worthy of my support”? Even our teachers have said that it’s almost impossible to be 100% against/ for something, there must be a redeeming/ not-so-inspiring factor some where.

So while we ponder on this, I shall finish this post by saying it’s not so much of what you stand against than what you stand for that will develop you into who you are.

Thank you and have a good evening.

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