Weekend Missions: Vamos a “El Toro”!

*Okay, we went to El Toro, but I haven’t gotten to learning the past tense just yet so please bear with me.

With Anatolia’s main restaurant at Far East Plaza and Sultan Kebab (Ok, mostly Sarah) closed, the Adventure Crew weeps at the utter lack of economical Turkish food for cases of cravings and stuff. Hence, in order to calm those feelings, we decided to go mexicano.

Sidenote: I’ve been going blah at the lack of halal Latin/ Mexican food for the longest time – food that the Adventure Crew can enjoy together. So when we found out that El Toro is waiting to get their halal certificate (they use halal suppliers and sources for their food and utensils), we made a promise to go down and try it.

The set up for our table.
Utensils nicely placed.

This crew mission had the usual Adventure Crew (Avarielle, Raven, and Sarah) sans Mintea, who went with Dude earlier. Max joined us as well.

We all made reservations at eight and we were early so we had to wait (table was occupied). Nonetheless, the manager was incredibly helpful with the menus and stuff so that we could order the moment we took our seats.

Complimentary Tortilla Chips and Salsa =)
Nachos and Guacamole – Delish!

We started with beef nachos, which were loaded with toppings – chilli goodness, minced beef, and molten cheese merged together in a single entity, making their complimentary tortilla chips pale in comparison.

Sarah and I got Virgin Mojitos, while Raven got a Virgin Margarita and Avarielle and Max got Baileys Frappe. According to Mintea, it’s probably iced/ frapped-up coffee since there’s no alcohol in any of the drinks.

Strawberry Virgin Mojito

I got an Enchilada and a Hot Plantation Tomato & Red Capsicum Soup. Both Raven and Sarah got Burritos, Avarielle got a Steak Wrap, and Max got a Quesadilla. At this point, Sarah was fiddling with the sauces when she saw an offer for NTUC Members – 1-for-1 Quesadillas! So we got an extra Quesadilla to share (which only ended up with Sarah, myself, and Max finishing it)

One of the best soups I ever had in my life!

The soup came first. Now, I love my mushroom soups but Avarielle’s really the real spokesperson on that. I love them, but somehow I find Tangy Tomato bases edging them out slowly. One thing I’m really fussy about Tomato-based soups – too tart/ sweet or watery. So far, the best Minestrone I’ve had is from Pizza Hut (no kidding) and the best Tangy Tomato I’ve had is from Soup Spoon.

This, however, was different. This was a combination of Tomatoes and Red Capsicum, both of which I really love, topped with croutons (great tasting croutons/ accompanying bread are always plus points in my book!). Presentation was usual, but taste was an entire different thing – Sweet hints of the pepper and tomato with a great zing and tang that does not overpower, a balanced combination that had everyone at the table (sans Max) trying it.


The mains came later, with unique platters. My Enchilada came in a casserole dish-like thing, which reminded me of Cannelloni. Enchilada is like a smaller, more open, version of a burrito, a little bit like Taquitos, if you will, topped with sauce and cheese before it’s baked.

This was vegetarian, filled with mushrooms, onions, zucchini, bell peppers, the works. Very appetising and filling, so the palate was interested and the stomach was happy. The tortilla was a little grainy though, could be because of eating it with the sauce.

Sarah and I tried the “free” Quesadilla as well – the one we got for 1-for-1 thanks to Avarielle’s NTUC Card =) By this time a lot of us were full, but the Quesadillas were actually great! Slight hint of jalapeno did not burn my tongue off and the cheese was nicely melted. Although, they have something that will burn your pants off! (Habanero Hot Sauce!!!)

Overall? A fantastic food experience! For someone who has been hankering after Mexican/ Latin food for a while, it’s great to finally have a place where the entire Adventure Crew could sit down and have a good meal.

If you would like a recommendation of food, I’d probably go with the soup, the quesadillas, and their nachos. Maybe I should try Tostada or Paella the next round =).

El Toro is located at 7 Purvis Street, #01-01, but do note their opening hours before heading down. You can find out more here.

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