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Book Bites: The Hunger Games Singapore

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Together with The Hunger Games Singapore and Liyanaland, the Happy Smiley Writers Group (HSWG) was involved in this year’s Hunger Games Singapore, held at the National Library.

Raven preparing the sign-in desk. Where we hung out most of the start.
Quizzes! Everyone was rather enthusiastic so there was no problems with getting volunteers.
Matching the Districts to their specialties.
Sarah and the two hosts.

Sarah was Katniss Everdeen for the day (we loved playing with her bow) and the two hosts Trish and Tara were donned in their red dresses (Girls on fire? Hee). The event was mostly quizzes and games where they got to win posters, magnets, and other merchandise. Mind you, they had to be real fans to be able to win stuff, a lot of the questions were really specific.

So apart from being around for the event, HSWG and Liyanaland were involved in the Short Story Competition and Costume Design Competition that was held before the event itself. Thanks to the various sponsors, the winners got to walk away with hard copies of the Hunger Games series, hardcover books, Mockingjay pins, and a whole lot of other merchandise.

Organised by fans for the fans, I’d say this was not a bad event, especially with a good amount of fans being present and all enthusiastic about the games and quizzes. For more information on Hunger Games Singapore, click here.

And I now leave you with an image of a totally irrelevant fandom.


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