Muse Moment

Muse Moments: Paradox

Muse MomentSo I see this place needs a little push in the content department, fair enough. Been trying to create and re-create many things before the second half of the year comes and time has been passing rapidly – I’m very much stuck between the rationalisation of unconsciously having fun or wasting my time doing something totally uninteresting.

Nonetheless, here’s a little diddy to brighten this blog, it’s been a while since I did one of these:


Yes, take joy.

Take joy and celebrate,
A break past a hundred and twenty,
A break to last forty eight,
To grow, cultivate, recuperate.

Take joy and appreciate
The beads on our skin,
The beads that dry under our blazers,
Evaporated and conditioned, they dissipate.

Take joy and watch them create
A punch in the gut, a slice of fate,
With ironies unintended, it worms through our ears
Love lost, love song, unwittingly integrate.

Joelyn Alexandra

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