Weekend Missions: SPORE 2012

We have the Singapore Toys, Games, and Comics Conventions, we have CosFest, we have the Anime Festival Asia, and the list goes on…

However, what happens to the analog games? The Settlers of Catan? The Saboteurs? The Game of Thrones, perhaps?

Enter Paradigm Infinitum and SPORE Con.

The Happy Smiley Writers Group had a panel at this year’s SPORE Con to speak about the local creative writing scene – how to get published, things to look out for, and what not. Many thanks to Joyce who joined us for the panel and Adan for all the running around and getting stuff set up!

The panel was very casual, with Dave, JF, Max, Anders, and a few other participants joining us. It was a fruitful discussion to say the least, with some great tips from Joyce, Sarah, and those who came in. Max even sold all his copies (those in Singapore) for his book, “Across The Causeway”. It’s great stuff, you’ve got to get that!

We sold our “Steampowered Globe” on the side. Thanks much to Lina for your help =)

Our stash of stuff. Together with the Ayam Curtain and Hunger Games flyers.

Post and pre-panel activities were well and fun. Max and Sarah went on to get more stamps on their SPORE Con cards (you received a goody bag and an achievement card) to get more achievement points. Sarah and I also played Angry Birds Live and walked away with really small but cute bird erasers.

And watching Max and Sarah play Subbuteo (Eviltofu taught them) was really entertaining. Especially if you had friends who just stood there and laughed while you scramble around the table and try to prevent the ball from falling off.

Eviltofu teaching Joyce’s kid how to play the game earlier that day.

Many thanks to Paradigm Infinitum for this awesome event! For more information on what they do and where they are, click here.

And the Marshmallow Man comes for you!!! Apt though, since that day was pretty much brought to you by the word “Lumps”, courtesy of Max.

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