Weekend Missions: Claws and Jaws *Rawr*

I call this session the session of the Great Reunion. The first Real Escape Game was great, held in a Cathedral at CHIJMES. Sarah, MJ, and myself lost by a mere few seconds in that one. The 2nd Volume came, “Escape from Werewolf Village”. So will we fall in this one?

Let us find out…

This was really a great escape game, especially with so many people we know in the same room (Thanks to Sarah and her Twitter blast). This is possibly going to be the paragraph with one of the most links so please bear with me…

People we knew:

And I think I pretty much got them all, minus the girlfriends and boyfriends and other friends. So Mintea, Dude, and Raven got grouped with three other Japanese players, and I was with Sarah, Max, MJ, Lilian, and Lilian’s other half.

Ready to go. Map and all. Heh.

This was held at *scape warehouse, so it was bigger and more spacious than the cathedral. One thing I preferred was the cramped, archaic feeling which was greatly amplified in the cathedral, which was smaller, older, and in turn, provided a greater feeling of getting locked up. The good thing about the warehouse, though, was the projection screen used on the stage. It provided another platform to create the mood, so I guess it balances out.

However, since the greatest sin you could commit in such a game was to give spoilers, I shall keep it exceptionally brief. Like the first round, it was solve all the puzzles in the room before you could get out. Unlike the first round, this was something different – there was no password. It was something you had to do.

So did we get out? =(

Nope. This was really tricky (and the frustrating aspect of it came when we realised we could have won accidentally if we were insane or bored enough) and even the emcee expressed surprise that we didn’t get through. No joke about that, he pointed at Max and said, “Eh you guys were so close and you didn’t get out?!”

Oh well.


And as Sarah said (her entry’s here), third time’s a charm? We’re all hanging off the edge of our seats for the 3rd Volume: The House of Dr. Mad, which will be coming towards the end of this year. BUT if you can’t wait, stay tuned to the Real Escape Game Facebook page because soon, you will be able to play the Real Escape Game Online! Pit your skills against people from all over the world in a real time!

For Mintea’s point-of-view, click here.

See you next round!

The great rawr. Photo courtesy of Sarah Coldheart.

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