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Book Bites: Stef Thompson’s Criticism vs. Critique

Book BitseI decided to take a short break from blogging after BEDA (Blog Every Day in April/ August), mostly due to the polishing and other editing I have to do for my pieces. That being said, however, I decided to go for Stef Thompson’s workshop on “Criticism vs. Critique”, basically how to give good critiques and how to receive feedback. This was organized by the Budding Writers League.

Image courtesy of the Budding Writers League.

So I was slightly late though they had barely started when I reached. It was a select group, which suited me fine. And since this was a workshop on constructive criticism and how to give and receive it, I shall blog it as such.

What worked well for me was:

  • The flow of the workshop – there was no confusion; everyone was very much on the same page whenever a point was being made.
  • How the workshop was conducted – it was cozy so it let everyone have a chance to share without feeling too “conspicuous” or “awkward”. At the same time, it maintained professionalism so it did not turn into an informal discussion panel that might have missed the point.
  • Stef was very clear with her points – with her points, explanation, and examples so it was easy to catch.

What would have worked better for me was:

  • We had notes, and they were only given to us towards the end of the workshop, which I thought could have been more helpful if they were given at the start – probably would’ve served better as a medium for us to take notes down as well.

So that’s my “critique” of the workshop that day. For more information on the Budding Writers League, their coming classes, and other information, click here.

Many thanks to the Budding Writers League for organising this workshop!

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