BEDA #30: Last Day and a Question

And so ends the first half of the year’s BEDA – Blog Every Day in April, if you will. Thank you all for reading all my erratic posts throughout this month, I really appreciate the support and eyeballs =)

To end this off, I shall prod you all with a question that you can feel free to answer in the comments section below. Since people on either side love to talk about this so much, I shall give you the avenue to:

“A girl can get bro-zoned as much as a guy can get friend-zoned. However, since guys get loads of advice on breaking out of the friend zone, girls have a different situation. How then, can a girl break out of the bro zone without being too uncomfortable in her own skin (e.g. Put on more makeup, wear more dresses, or act in ways she’s uncomfortable with)”

Let me know what you think about that =)

Good night (It’s 40 minutes to midnight here now) and see you in August!

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2 thoughts on “BEDA #30: Last Day and a Question

  1. Unfortunately, when a girl gets into the so call ‘bro zone’ the only way to get out is to withdraw her attention from the guy. The guy will notice her absence (and even importance) eventually if she meant anything to him.

    Men have thicker skulls and they are oblivious to such things sometimes.

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