#BEDA 24: Fireworks in my Brain

Since it’s happening now, I should throw it out before it fizzles off and I abuse my muse again.


She sat with her elbows on her knees, her face buried in her hands. Releasing a sigh, she dragged her face along her fingers, ending with her chin cradled on the tip of her fingers. The sting on her left cheek grew dull, as she felt the warmth spread through her veins.

His steps echoed across the passageway. Her eyes were closed, but her sighs continued to flow into the silence of the place. He exhaled from his nose and sat down next to her, holding up a familiar bottle – Lemon-Lime Bitters.

With an acknowledged smile, she took it, “Thanks.”


Just a snippet, hope you guys enjoyed reading it (or whatever that is)

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