BEDA #21: Satay!!!

Okay, now that I’ve got your attention with the mention of food, I shall entertain you with this 100-word piece that I conjured up in the interest of time. So sit back, relax, and enjoy:

Night Streets

Let me walk the streets where they gather
And inhale the air upon the grills and fire,
Weave through familiar sights of platters and colour,
And hear the clicks even if it was probably the umpteenth shot;
Observe as the throngs grow along the closed streets
And contemplate as the sky darkens in its cerulean gradient.
Stake your claim through the crowd and tables,
And get your rest and rejuvenate, raising your hands
Calling out, “SATAY!!!” while you wait
Among the humid crowd, refreshing breeze, and smells of a holiday
But also with a growling stomach and an enticed nose.

Joelyn Alexandra


If anyone can guess the literary piece I “adapted” this from, drop me a comment or give me a message. Anyone who’s correct with get a great big bear hug through the Internet from me =)

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed it!

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