BEDA #20: Writer’s Block

Now, I knew that in some point of BEDA or whatever writing exercise, the day where I’d just want to lie down and sleep would come. In short, or in a less cryptic manner, have no idea what I want to write.

So here’s the Top 3 things I do when I get a Writer’s Block:

1) Watch TV/ Read

Or videos for the matter. I don’t really watch television, I tend to watch either video clips or DVDs. I read when I’m waiting for things to load and I have nothing else to write forth. Regardless, one thing I find beneficial about watching videos or reading is that fact that it keeps your mind focussed or it steers it towards a direction that you’re hoping to go for. Sooner or later, you might just get the idea you’re looking for.

2) Take a walk

Nothing can be more stuffy than staying in one spot (mentally or physically) for too long a time. If watching videos or reading doesn’t help, I try to see if I can get an excuse to head out. Which is why the time with the Adventure Crew can be very valuable – since we normally do stuff people don’t normally do, it makes for great research. Talking a walk down wherever you find inspiration or your favourite places can give off some ideas as well.

3) Stop writing

If nothing really comes out in your head. Just stop. You don’t want to hurt yourself or your writing. Quote my good friend and mentor, Jolantru, “Writers need their rest too.” This can apply to any situation (Yes, I’m talking to you too, other people who don’t care if we write because it “doesn’t make money”) but it resonates with things like issues with the muse and writer’s block. So yes, it’s okay, just don’t wander of too far that you lose sight of what you’re in this for. Heh.

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