BEDA #19: My affair with Mystery/ Crime Fiction

Dear Crime Fiction

I can’t remember the first time you came into my life. To be honest, I think you just happened to slide into everything I read and watched – James Bond, Famous Five, Boxcar Kids Mysteries, Bookworm Club Mysteries.

I didn’t think about you much. I just thought the action was amazing. As a kid, fighting for justice was such an awe-inspiring thing. Following the crime dramas on television (my parents did not spend much on books, they thought non-fiction references on machines and encyclopedias were enough), my obsession with the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and Inspectors started.

Then came the teen investigators. The ones who snooped around and got into trouble. Now, that was cool; it showed that you didn’t need a badge to get information you needed and that opened a whole new perspective on that for me.

But it was not until I got my diploma when I realised that you were a force to be reckoned with. While whatever I was writing was fine and stuff, the gravity and enigmatic nature of the genre did more than just intrigue. It engulfed me.

That was when the plunge of police procedurals, mixed with whodunnits, legal drama, and religious crime. By then, I was not only dipping my feet and reading you, I couldn’t get enough and thought I found the genre I was going to stick with in my scripts and proses.

I started with Sam Bourne, then David Hosp’s “Scott Finn” Legal Drama, Women’s Murder Club faded in and out with the times. Then came my urge for the classics – Sherlock Holmes, James Bond, Crime and Punishment. And I still am immersing in these together with Crime Fiction for the eyes (Criminal Minds, The Mentalist).

In this whole melting pot of mysteries and backgrounds, I now find myself increasingly interested in the research of Organised Crime – researched as such for my current work-in-progress. And it is definitely comforting to know that in the middle of all the genre fights, you continue to stand strong, my greatest excitement being the impending opening of Exhibit A, an imprint of Angry Robots.

So now, with my work-in-progress, “Watered Down”, the first book of my Trina Othello series, I certainly harbour great hopes. But know that regardless of what I end up focusing on, I would have never done it if you didn’t enter my life.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be sticking around for a while.

Joelyn Alexandra

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