BEDA #18: My Bucket List of 50 Things

Mostly because I saw a list online and got inspired, and I can’t really concentrate on the things I should be concentrating on now.

1.       Slide down a Zipline and land in the water

2.       Star in a play or on screen

3.       Star in my novel’s print-to-screen series

4.       Go to all the Disneylands

5.       Go to San Francisco

6.       Go to the Night of Writing Dangerously in San Francisco (HEH)

7.       Go to a MysteryCon

8.       Go to a Writers Festival in Australia, the UK, or the US

9.       Go for a Safari

10.   Go to Greece

11.   Go to the Colosseum

12.   Go to Spain

13.   Go to the Vatican

14.   Actually, go through the sacrament of Reconciliation at The Vatican

15.   Publish and sell the Trina Othello series

16.   Publish and sell the Parallel Arena series

17.   Plan a lesson. Or a curriculum, for the matter

18.   Tutor a class

19.   Give a lecture/ speech

20.   Get my Doctorate

21.   Explore Australia

22.   Own an apartment overseas

23.   Spar with someone at least once

24.   Dance, like really

25.   Sing at an open mic session

26.   Do a dramatic reading performance

27.   Cook for more than 10 people

28.   Surf – Either on the real waves or simulated surfing

29.   Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen

30.   Be on a talkshow

31.   Own a business

32.   Go to Court for research

33.   Get married – YES, I DO WANT THIS

34.   Have/ Adopt a child

35.   Fight for writer’s and artist’s rights

36.   Open/ Enter an Artist’s Colony

37.   Go for a long Writer’s Retreat

38.   Go to 221B Baker’s Street

39.   Solve a Mystery

40.   Meet Sherlock & Watson (Whichever ones)

41.   See the Aurora Borealis

42.   Go to at least five of the places I’ve seen on Man vs. Food

43.   Read the Bible from end to end

44.   Go back to Malacca and write (don’t ask, it’s a personal thing)

45.   Get a studio portfolio of photographs done

46.   Be part of the celebration of Life

47.   Sleep all day, then pull an all-nighter writing =)

48.   Use a Glock, even a prop one in a movie

49.   Live in the Truth

50.  Find Love.

What would your Bucket List have? These aren’t really in order though.

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