BEDA #13: Lessons in Precipitation and Anticipation

“I can’t stand, to see the morning call. While the evening rain’s still falling…” – Moby, 2003, Evening Rain

Weather’s been very erratic for the past few days – raining one minute and hot and dry the next. And you know that I’m either out of blogging juice or time the moment I start blogging about the weather.

It can be such a mundane thing sometimes. People resort to talking about the weather as some form of icebreaker or to break any silence, not knowing that that’s probably the function that weather serves – to break monotony.

The clouds move in to break the rays of the light.
The rain pours to break the hot, dry spells.
The seasons come to break the year down.
The sun rises to break the evening darkness.

You get my drift.

Many things are happening at the same time, to friends, to family, to people I know online but never met because they’re 9,000 miles, within myself. And there’s always something we know, but we never learn – there’s no point in anticipation. Things will happen, and like the weather, anticipation (especially when it goes into worry) might not do you any good after all.

Well, you’ll know by now that I’m just rambling, am I?

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