BEDA #6: From whom she ran…

Blessed Good Friday everyone!

And because I feel musified today (visited by a muse, no music relation whatsoever), I’m going to pull out a 100-word short I wrote as a background story to my work-in-progress. Hope you guys enjoy it =)


Of Tattoos and Asylums
Joelyn Alexandra

I ran.

She told me to. It was the only thing she repeated to me. They were fast, and they had him leading – my late father’s friend.

They found us at the pier; Uniformed men surrounding the man we came to Hong Kong to meet. I left for 10 minutes. They said she was mad.

They chased me down as the lights flashed past. My best friend, that man’s son, pulled over in a cab.

“Trina, jump in!”

I shook my head. It would’ve been too risky for him. I dead ended at the harbour.

They were coming.

I plunged.


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Thanks for reading and see you all tomorrow!

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