Weekend Missions: Atop a Riverboat

This was a classic case of turning a wonder into reality.

It all started in my quest to look for the Santa Fe Restaurant, pretty much the only place here that sells okay-enough Tex Mex and guess what I found? – Steword’s Riverboat.

The menu that greeted us as we sat in the Riverboat

Joyce and Lilian joined me in this fleeting thought of mine. While it was dark by the time we got there (Marina South Pier), the smell and feeling of the sea breeze was something that was refreshingly different – one of my favourite smells next to the smell of barbecue.

Santa Fe on Steword’s Riverboat was on the first floor, right at docking level, and as we entered, we got that feeling that we’ve just entered a, quote Joyce, “Cowboy Saloon.” They’ve got the Texas decor down, I would say.

Flowers in boots, anyone?

The restaurant had good ambience, though we needed to get aclimatised to the area. It was, after all, a docked Riverboat. After ordering our entrees and appetisers, Joyce got reminded of her time in Colorado. I would say though, the place that his mountain-esque feel to it, without the gentle rocking.

Chimichangas! They’re actually deep-fried burritos.
My chicken burritos and side salad. Lilian had the same thing.

Our Chimichangas, Steak, and Burritos came a while after our order. It was relatively okay, considering that there was a huge speed-dating group nearby (we could hear the guy go, “Okay, you all have five minutes!”) and that Santa Fe only had about 2-3 waiters on duty that shift.

However, about 15 minutes into the meal, the boat started getting rocky. From a gentle sway and bob, it turned into something slightly more “active”, we could feel ourselves rocking forwards and back, even though it was only a slight rock. With some of us starting to feel a little uncomfortable, we took the doggy bag option.

The food was rather tasty, actually; especially when it’s not easy to get quality tex-mex fare in Singapore.

Joyce commented that the pitching should’ve been done better, since we could see the water wheel on the side of the Riverboat rise and plunge from a distance. One must have imagined what it felt like within the boat itself.

Nonetheless, it was a different experience – one that was probably overdue from the last time I had A&W in a Riverboat docked at Sentosa (remember that?) So if you’d like to have a taste of dining on a Riverboat without going through admissions, customs and stuff, you may want to check out Steword’s Riverboat – just make sure you’re not prone to bad seasickness =).

Steword’s Riverboat bids you goodnight.

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