Weekend Missions: Jamming and Dance Central 2

Quote Jerrick, “This woman’s obsessed with Dance Central.”

THe Dance Central 2 Competition set up at 313 Somerset.

Yes, I am. Kinda.

So when Xbox 360 Singapore had this Dance Central 2 Nationwide Competition, Sarah and I thought to go down for the fun of it. We chose to go for the 17 March qualifying round at 313 Somerset.

Another participant trying out for qualifiers and getting into the game.

The competition itself has three categories – Junior (for ages 6-12), Singles, and Doubles (for solos or pairs aged 13 and above) – and you could either sign up for the qualifying rounds online (gives you priority) or head to the qualifying site on the day itself.

From there, you get to choose from a list of songs (provided on the website) and play accordingly. The people with the highest scores got to go into the Semi-Finals and Finals. I chose “Impacto” while Sarah chose “Last Night” (we registered under Singles so we can have more chances of advancing. HEHE.)

Sarah got a score of 1.6 million odd while I got a score of 2 million odd. Thanks to Mintea and Avarielle who were helping us with the pictures and videos there!

But before I conclude this rather short update of a post thing, here’s a snippet of what Sarah, Mintea, June, and I did at Daisy Rock’s studio the morning before. *I chose this one because it was my favourite*

You’re welcome, Adventure Time fans. HAHAHAHA.

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