Update on Project: 1000 Days – 10% Complete!

I embarked on this project on December 1st 2011 and I made a promise to myself to stick through with it.

So Friday was my 100th Day into this entire Project, which means I’m 10% done with this!

This post, in turn, is just a small progress update I’m putting up to keep track of everything, so here goes:

Goals for 1,000 Days

  • Lose Weight
  • Go to at least 1 Literary Event a Month
  • Read at least 1 Book a Month
  • Have Watered Down published
  • Go to Adelaide, Melbourne, Malacca, or Hong Kong
  • Have deeper faith & more involvement in discussions
  • Pick up: Spanish, Wing Chun, and Book Repair/ Making
  • Attempt to pick up: MMA, Cello, Jewellery Making, or Latin Jazz dance
  • Complete & Present Project: Write It!
  • Train in another related field

Progress for 100 days?

I guess it has been slow and steady so far. So I’m hoping to pick up soon enough.

Areas on progress so far:

  • Literary Events – 4 so far (it’s March)
  • Books read – 3 from the reading list (Biophilia Omnibus, Disciple to a Dog, Next of Kin)
  • Watered Down – Draft 1, Chapter 2’s done =)
  • Hablo un poco español =)
  • Write It’s inventory is more or less down, I just need to get to cross checking and all that jazz.

These are all the tangible ones thus far, and the intangibles will still take a bit of time to surface. So until then!

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