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Book Bites: Worldbuilding 101

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If you’ve heard of and enjoy the meme, “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore”, there might have been a chance that you were at this workshop – Worldbuilding 101.

Poster courtesy from Budding Writers League

Thanks to the Budding Writers League, Joyce conducted her first writers’ workshop on one of the most important aspects of writing fiction – Worldbuilding. In short, creating your setting (however obscure) to a believable standard so that your readers find logic, sense, and enjoyment in your work.

It was a medium-sized group, about 20 people, set in an informal lecture-like setting. Familiar faces like Judith Huang and Verena Tay formed part of the participants as well.

Joyce started with writing sprints, each with a prompt to get our minds going.

Note to future workshop conductors: Writing Sprints are actually rather enjoyable. It’s not just about the length or content, but the fact that people can push out so much creativity in a short time and develop from there. Don’t underestimate its power.

This was later followed by groupwork (haha, classroom setting, groupwork, presentation) before each of our groups presented our own worlds. My group was a fire-based planet of magma cores, encapsulated in a layer of ice; other worlds presented included a Subterranean world where a jewel granted wishes to ants and worms, an Arboreal forest world where the upper and lower populations were at odds, and a frigid, water-based Ice world where half-seals, half-humans were a cursed race.

The classroom picture, courtesy of the Budding Writers League and taken by Mary-Anne.

Joyce’s teaching prowess throughout the entire session was glowingly brilliant – nothing can really beat experience, especially when it comes to specialised and interesting subject matters like creative writing. While keeping to the logic of how things work, she managed to inspire a few others to push on with their writing dreams – shown apparently in the requests and queries she got later on.

Hence, a big thank you to Budding Writers League (esp. Mary-Anne, who was around to run things) for the workshop.

To end things off, I guess I’ll give you all a look at how my writing sprints went. Hope you enjoy it!


A Teenager in an Ice World

My flamethrowers help; Avalanches are common.

A Mother on a Farm

I looked out that night, the children already tucked in. The whirring started like it did yesterday, and the day before. It was only today that I peered out to see what it was. Like fireflies, they circled in a distance, before fading to the darkness. Then the whirring stopped.

A Virus

We had to win this. We have come so close. Armed to the teeth, we struck them down. One by one, they fell. The ones who have conquered this land for so long, they grew complacent. The ones that thought their stronghold was an impregnable fortress under the white light. They will now know that all that is clean, is not necessarily white. We are coming in the thief of the night.


Just to spice things up, you could guess all three circumstances/ influences in the comments below for the fun of it.

For more information on the Budding Writers League, and Joyce, please click on their respective links.

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