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Signal Boost: Happy Smiley goes Amazonian

Signal Boost

No, Happy Smiley is not a group of people who just sits down and smiles.

And no, we’re not going to turn into Amazons and retreat into the jungles.

What I’m talking about, is this:

Screenshot of Amazon Listing. Courtesy of Rosemary Lim.

The Happy Smiley Writers Group is proud to present, “The Steampowered Globe” now available on Amazon!

While our previous works, Bubble G.U.M. and Happiness at the End of the World are slowly getting onto Amazon as well, Kindle users can now enjoy Steampunk by Singaporeans on the go.

So yes, if you have a Kindle and you would like an eBook version of our stuff, YOU HAVE THE OPTION NOW!

But if you would like to bury your nose in our physical books, simply click here and take your pick.


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