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Eternal Sights of the Spotted Kind: Collaborations in the Arts

Eternal Sights

When I was with my previous company, I was sent to this seminar on Branding. While they had this whole lot of entrepreneurs talking about their different areas and businesses, I learnt one very valuable lesson, which I do hope to see more of in future:


Following last week’s post (Preliminary thoughts on ACSR), I was left pondering over the possibilities of how the different types of Art can be put out together, instead of just individual shows, exhibitions and all that.

What I’m saying is that the process of creating and cultivating art does not just lie in singular art forms. Most of the time, they do end up overlapping. Here’s how:

Primary Art Form: Literary Arts
Object: Novel

–          Content: Literary Arts: Novelist
–          Content: Literary Arts: Editor
–          Content: Research: Researcher
–          Cover: Graphic Design: Designer
–          Cover: Photography: Photographer
–          Cover: Visual Art: Artist
–          Cover: Visual Art: Colourist
–          Layout: Typesetting: Typesetter/ Designer
–          Book Structure: Visual Art: Book Artist/ Bookmaker/ Designer
–          Publishing: Literary Arts: Publisher
–          Distribution & Marketing: Arts Management: Agent/ Manager
–          Publicity: Arts Management: Agent/ Manager/ Bloggers

Now, the basic structure already presents a whole lot of opportunities for collaboration (long-term, if preferred). From here, I’m going to go out on a limb and develop this particular art form further.

–          Associative Listening (Preferred music to listen to while reading): Music: Musician
–          Theatre Play: Performing Arts: Scriptwriter, Producer & Director
–          Theatre Acts: Performing Arts: Actors
–          Film/ Television: Performing Arts: Scriptwriter, Producer & Director
–          Film/ Television Crew: Performing Arts: Grip, Sound, Film Editors, PAs, DOPs
–          Soundtrack: Music: Musicians, Producers

You get my drift. What I’m saying is that one produced object on its own can only go so far. But if we had unions and collaborations with artists from various disciplines, the exposure can be greater and will reach a larger audience.

From a communications (albeit inexperienced) point of view, people like perks and familiarity when you introduce something new. That’s when collaboration will help – more people, more word-of-mouths, more wagons to jump on (promoting the books with the film etc…)

Just some random stuff I’ve been thinking about.

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