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Book Bites: Character Analysis – Regina Tam


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I will admit, there are some things that become addictive only when you re-open or re-discover them; but the lack of academic stakes do help make it more enjoyable as well.

I enjoyed Literature when I was in school, I just couldn’t stand the whole “KPI” method they took to Literature itself. I can spend another blog post talking about teaching or learning Literature but that will have to wait.

This week’s character – Regina Tam from Wena Poon’s Regina and Siegfried.


Regina Tam is one half of Regina and Siegfried, the anchor characters in Wena Poon’s anthology, “The Proper Care of Foxes”. She’s a Hong Konger who met Siegfried, her flamboyant roommate, in her American University (just a generic one probably, it wasn’t stated).


Wena’s characters have always struck me as highly relatable. They have this form of humanity that will just jump off the page and live their own lives, you’ll probably know someone like Regina, or any of her other characters in her writing.

However, there is a trend with her protagonists, especially for works that stretch out into series – something I call the dynamic duo effect.

In Biophilia, there was Imogen and Kai. In her Bullfighting Novels, there was Alexandra and Roberto. In Proper Care of Foxes, there was Regina and Siegfried. All pairs bearing characters that are opposites, yet they complement each other. Imogen was a wild child while Kai was serious and practical. Regina was pragmatic while Siegfried pretty much did what he wanted.

This can suggest the writer’s inclination towards a complementary pairing, where a Yin-Yang relationship is carried out – one where one half’s trait makes up for the other’s lack of it. So it would not be surprising if you see the writer working with someone who might just be the polar opposite of who she is.

I don’t have the skills to go any further into the analysis, but if I may dare, I wouldn’t be surprised if the writer is most often, the practical, pragmatic one, who works best or complements best with a philosophical, creative character – something that can be seen through her female protagonists.

That being said, this draws the end of my attempt on the character analysis of Regina Tam.

Do drop me an email at, DM me at @joelynalexandra or leave a comment if you have any suggestions on other characters or would like to contribute your two cents worth.

Thank you for reading!

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