Weekend Missions: The Real Escape Game Singapore Vol. 1


I must first say this before I start…


Okay. Now that that’s out, I can continue for the rest of my post. HAHA.

When the advertisement of the Real Escape Game in Singapore came to our sight, the Adventure Crew knew that we had to go for it. Mintea, Raven, Sarah, and myself went for the Saturday sessions. Mintea and Raven went for the 4:30PM session while Avarielle sat with us.

For those not in the know, the Real Escape Game is kind of like the escape games you play on the computer, only that it’s really happening to you. You’re locked up in a place (in our case, the CHIJMES cathedral), and placed in a team. The team then has to solve puzzles within a stipulated amount of time before you could escape.

The beautiful interior of the Cathedral. We had a pact with the game. This is all you’re getting so we don’t compromise the integrity and fun of it all. Hee.

Our team was myself, Sarah, Jessica (@mangy_mongrel) and three other guys – Yiwei (sorry if I got your name wrong, I’m really bad with Chinese names!), Felix, and James. They were pretty game for it as well.

Now, I can’t say much about the game itself because it would just rob future participants (Yes, there will be more volumes, but I’ll get to that later) of the real fun that it has. However, I could tell you how the experience was like.

After being explained the rules, we had a set of puzzles to complete before we could go to the next stage of the game, which was getting the password to leave the Cathedral.

The puzzles will differ from each game but most of them did require you to give it a think. Some of them were given to you on your table, some you had to walk around to find.

The guys were really sporting about finding the puzzles with us, running around and throwing out ideas on the spot, especially when it came to the password. In essence it was all great fun. No, it was exhilarating to actually find out and solve the problems on the spot.


But alas! While we flustered and flailed at the last clue – the clue to the password – we only got the password right at the moment they announced, “Game is Over” so you could imagine the half-clenched fists after that. HAH. (Mintea, Raven, and some of the HereBeGeeks guys got out, Congrats to them!!)

My advice to those looking to play this game? It’s great fun, but don’t overthink. Try every possibility because it may just be the right one.

The one thing this game taught me was to calm the bloody hell down. Nonetheless, it was great fun and I believe everyone in the team thought so as well. The puzzles were actually well thought out and you really had to think – No blurring your way around this one!

So if you’d missed the fun this time, don’t fret! The Real Escape Game Singapore Volume 2 will be held on May 11-13 at the *Scape Warehouse! Stay tuned for more information here.

Still PFFT about that mere few seconds. But it was GREAT FUN! Can’t wait until Volume 2 in May =)


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