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When I first started writing, my only critic was my English teacher in Primary Six. Most of my work was just created and forgotten on the Powerpoints of my old computers since Primary Three. Then the urge to start writing longer fiction came along when I was 13, in Secondary School. Again, my only critic was another English teacher.

So you can imagine how glad I am that young, budding writers are getting more support now.

Introducing the Budding Writers League.

They are a non-profit organisation designed to aid young, budding writers in getting their work out and critiqued. From my experience on the site, it’s rather open, where you can post your work (within Terms & Conditions, of course) and have it critiqued by anyone on the site. Likewise, you have access to the other stories people tell and comment.

One good thing which I felt was rather beneficial was being able to put your work out to your probable target audience. Members range from the ones who have a relative amount of experience to the ones who are just starting out. The environment is rather open so there is space for discussion.

Also, the Budding Writers League is full of young energy, so expect active participation!

On top of that, the committee brings programmes and workshops to its members, usually in collaboration with other organisations like Monsters Under the Bed.

So if you’re just starting out and would like to gain feedback for your work, the Budding Writers League could be a place for you to start.

For more information:

Budding Writers League
Budding Writers League Facebook

They are one of the many support groups our young writers can turn to when they are in need of support. Signal Boosts will cover other avenues of support for the local literary arts and local authors. So stay tuned!

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