Weekend Missions: 2011 – The Year of the Memes

Saying the phrase, “Time flies” really does not even begin to describe how quickly 2011 just went past. Even Sarah, known for her unique logic, made perfect sense when she said, “I get confused, is this 2010 or 2011? I can’t really tell.”

My only conclusion for 2011 moving so quickly?: The fact that it was filled with countless events and happenings that just made the entire year seem like a day. No kidding – it was really like yesterday when I recalled going to the Via Ferrata in the January of 2010.

Many people would say that 2011 was the year of many great events – regardless of joyful or tragic events. Personally, I think it would be more suitable if I were to just stick to what I called it in front of the Valkyrie Knights – The Year of the Memes.

Now, I’m not going to bore everyone with something they already know – like the Orchard Road flood memes, the broken SMRT train window memes, or any election memes. What I’m looking at are the memes that the Adventure Crew/ Valkyrie Knights have come up with – and still use because of its… “special meaning”. So here you go, the Top 5 Memes from the Valkyrie Knights to you.

Let’s get to it then, shall we?

Meme #5: “The Monix Harpies”

Every year since 2010, we wrote a story called “The Mystical Adventures of Kara Soulheart” during the NaNoWriMo month. Being the ultimate Mary-Sue story, it’s largely based on our adventures and lives, only that it’s placed in a mystical land where everything went according to “Sarah Logic”. The Monix Harpies came as a tribute to Harmonix, creator of one of our favourite games, the Dance Central series.

In the story, the Monix Harpies are harpies who basically dance to Dance Central music, with everyone having this coloured bubble around them to rate how they were doing. “Inspired” by this name, Sarah then said, “If we enter a Dance Central competition, we’ll be called the Monix Harpies.”

Meme #4: “I’m spreading my hotness everywhere.”

Lab Tech, Lab I/C, Street Detective, Chief, Psychologist, Legal Counsel. HEHE. Photo Courtesy of Sarah Coldheart.

January 2011, after visiting the utterly tragic exhibition of Life in Pompeii (National Museum of Singapore), we headed to “The CSI: Experience” at the Science Centre. Apart from going through a simulated case in all its forensic glory, we also had the opportunity to toy with tools and techniques officers used in forensics – like the body thermal scanner.

Yes, we spent a while in front of the scanner, watching Sarah as she spread her fingers on the clipboards we used through the CSI experience, leaving red traces on the plastic – and according to her, traces of “hotness”.

Meme #3: “You mean all this while, I’M MARRIED?!”

This was the running joke for a good half of the year, mostly because Sarah said she did not want to marry – she just wanted to wake up one day and think, “I’M MARRIED?!” Yeah, something like that.

So this became promoted to the status of “insider meme” from “running joke” after Sarah got her grant letter. Apparently it was addressed to “Ms. Sarah” at the top where the recipient’s address was, but then it started the letter with “Dear Mrs. Sarah”. A typo, but you get the drift. HAH.

Meme #2: StalkerPorsche

This meme is for June a.k.a. MizHalle. For her love of cars and Sarah’s insistence that she saw an orange car instead of a red one on display (at SOTA) “because of the light”. Very simple story – after settling into her new workplace, June realised that there was this same Porsche, a white one, permanently parked at the car park of her workplace. It’s there when she arrives at work, it’s there when she leaves work. Thus, we came up with the term, “StalkerPorsche” for it.


Let me state for the record that our top memes seem to be German, though it’s through no one’s fault (Sarah). Last year was Wo ist mein BH?, which translates to Where is my Bra? This year, however, had a little twist.

Upon noticing the StalkerPorsche’s annoying presence and car countenance, June consulted Sarah on the German equivalent to a typical Singaporean-Hokkien term – Kiampah face. Literally translated, it means slappable face. Sarah’s answer to that? Backpfeifengesicht. And no, don’t go round trying to Google Translate it, it comes out as back whistling face. We checked it with a German, it’s legit.

So there you have our Top 5 Memes in the Year of the Memes! May 2012 bring new adventures and a smooth crossing to 2013!

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