2011 closes, 2012 beckons.

So a year has passed and everyone’s scrambling to usher in the New one. I’d say 2011, like many other years, is a year to be grateful for. But to leave this year in a more light-hearted way, I did tell the girls – This year is the year of the memes. But as a new year starts, a new journey beckons. Here’s just something I thought I could have and share:

Day #31 of 1000 Days: The Month in Review

Read Book this month: The Proper Care of Foxes (Wena Poon)
Progress on work: Prologue and Part One (Chapters 1-7) for Watered Down

Goals for 2012

  • Lose Weight (Isn’t it always the case?)
  • Go to at least 1 literary event a month
  • Read at least 1 book a month (from the reading list)
  • Finished “Watered Down”
  • Go to at least 1 of these places w/ friends: Adelaide, HK Disneyland, Malacca
  • Gain deeper faith in the religion that chose me.
  • Finish at least half of Project: Write It!
  • Learn at least 2 of these things: Latin Jazz dance, Wing Chun, MMA, Spanish, Jewellery Making

Just to keep track and have a direction for the new year.


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