Weekend Missions: A Walk to the Past

And the adventures are back again!

Okay, just a snippet of it mostly because of the revamp (in stages. VERY slow stages.) of this site is still on the way.


Heritage Along Footpaths

Welcome to Heritage along Footpaths

It actually started last week but due to TGIO and the launch of The Steampowered Globe, we only managed to get to this interesting stop last week.

So what the whole thing really was is this walkway studded with items of Singapore’s past – cue street side barbers, fortune tellers (different types), cobblers, and the various snacks that the children used to love back in the day. The best thing about this whole set up? The prices remained as they were back in the past – the most “expensive” things were the haircut and fortune telling, 50 cents each.

Note: Let me state for the record that whatever’s being said from this point onwards may appear to be incredibly crude. As it was as it was said at the scene itself.

Since it was incredibly sunny and hot that day (we arrived about midday), the first thing the girls (Avarielle, Mintea, Raven, and Sarah) went for were the Ice Balls – 20 cents each. For those who aren’t sure what Ice Balls are, they were shaved ice, shaped into a ball, and slathered with sweet syrup (fizzy sometimes) and condensed milk.

The guys making the Balls for us.
Kacang Puteh guy – Kacang Puteh vaguely means mixed nuts, for those who do not know.

I didn’t get one because of my sensitive teeth and the prospect of getting sticky fingers. HAHA. Plus, I could never finish one on my own. I told the girls that I’ll nip from their Ice Balls instead. I got kacang puteh for 20 cents a stick instead.

Avarielle’s Ice Ball. I nipped off Mintea’s and Avarielle’s. HEE.
My Muruku – Like Indian Crackers. I’m allergic to nuts so yeah.

So after the street snacks, Mintea, Raven, and Sarah went to get their fortunes told. The Chinese Fortune Teller had a long queue – kinda figures, it’s popular even up to now. Raven and Sarah went for a Japanese Fortune Telling session during AFA (Anime Festival Asia) so they thought they’ll just try something different this time.

Raven getting her fortune told by parakeet and teller.

Sarah had a very… interesting fortune. Apparently none of the Adventure Crew girls are going to let it go so it may just seep into future posts. (HAR HAR SARAH).

So there you have it! Wasn’t a very long adventure but we did have fun. I would think that most of the fun from this simple but interesting row of shops was through the reminiscing that people would have when they get an Ice Ball or a hair cut from a street side barber like they did before.

It’s like my grandparents talking to me about their experiences in the past when you ask about things like wood stoves, opium, and street side char kway teow (fried, flat noodles).

Thanks to the National Heritage Board (NHB) and Singapore Art Museum (SAM) for the great experience!

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4 thoughts on “Weekend Missions: A Walk to the Past

  1. @ASingaporeanSon Aiyoh please! Old is only what you make it out to be! Hee. I do find a lot of these things in the past fascinating though. But you know what will be interesting? Something to do with the past opium trade in SG. I heard it was super rampant before the 50s or something. ~ Jo

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