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Book Bites: All Aboard the Steam-powered Globe! And TGIO. HAH.

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Ever wondered what would happen if the world went back to running on steam again? We went to find out. Somewhat.

The Happy Smiley Writers Group launched their 3rd publication, “The Steampowered Globe”, at the National Library in conjunction with Nanowrimo Singapore’s “Thank Goodness It’s Over” (TGIO) closing party. Theme of the night? Steampunk. Obviously.

Our wonderful MLs (Raven Silvers & Sarah Coldheart) in Steampunk gear. Photo courtesy of Avarielle.

I got in 15 minutes late because I was celebrating Mass before that. No matter, I got in just slightly after they started with the TGIO activities. A few Forum prizes were given out, including Word Wars – Congratulations East Side! I was in the North team. We got in 3rd so we did quite well, I would say.

The Best Dressed Award went to silver-haired, Steampunk Wrimo Sisters and the Doctor (Fez and all)!

Our winners for the Best Dressed Award! Photo courtesy of Avarielle.

And last but definitely not least – the winners of the Valerie Cup: Lectin Gaezat and dragonKhorse!

For those now in the know, the Valerie Cup is awarded to the person with the most number of words for that year’s run of Nanowrimo in Singapore. It came about when one of our users, Valerie, pulled a 6-figure number of words by the end of one of her Nanowrimos and henceforth, the Valerie Cup was born.

Catch about the Valerie Cup is, you have to be present in this TGIO party. And that’s how I got mine last year with 70,007 words. HAHA.

Now, this year’s award was interesting because not only did they win the Valerie Cup, they BOTH had the same number of words -> 212121 (Sorry, can’t buy 4D with this number). So in order to commemorate (I’m not sure if this is the right word but never mind) that, the two of them got mugs that said “Valerie Cup” when put together.

I don’t have a picture of that here but it was quite funny.

The Steampowered Globe. Photo courtesy of the Happy Smiley Writers Group

After that came the proper launch of “The Steampowered Globe” – An anthology consisting of seven Steampunk short stories, all of which set in different parts and eras of the world, hence Globe. I told Mintea that our first anthology had to do with the “World”; with this as the “Globe”, our next anthology was probably going to be the “Universe” or something.

Of the seven authors, only Raven, Xianghao, Mint, and Kum Hoon were around, with all of them coming up to talk about their stories within the book itself. Sarah and Rozen, the editors of the book, spoke about the process behind putting the book together itself. Nonetheless, congrats to Annabeth,Claire, and JY Yang for being in this book as well!

Apparently, this book had resulted in Singapore’s Library creating a whole new catalogue category just for this – Steampunk Singapore. Oh yes, Singapore writing is going places! Thank you National Library and Two Trees for helping us make this happen!

Plot Bunny says Bye for this year!

So that’s pretty much what happened with our Steampunk weekend. You can get “The Steampowered Globe” off the Two Trees website from next week onwards and plunge yourself into the world of the Steampowered Globe.

Note: Thanks to Avarielle for all the pictures as well!

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