Muse Moment

Muse Moment: Poetry – “Joke”

Muse Moment

I started something called Project: 1000 Days. To keep things brief, it’s going through 1000 days of creativity and growth before I decide what to really get down and do next. And because it was my first day of work at the new place on Day 1, I wrote a poem while waiting for my laptop to be set up. Nothing to do with the environment I was in though, just stray thoughts.


Printed faces – on covers,
Magazines, Articles, Posters. On Bills,
On plastic she revers,
Fingers sliding and shifting
As smoothly as they want their ride
To the top.

Where fuel is needed for speed
And fuel is saved, all for the same ride.
She wants to keep fit but
Can’t bear to walk.
If she walks, fuel burns, then all will be naught.

But if her shoe collection grows,
The motivation to move is higher.
Though with the growing need to shrink,
Her display falls out of desire.

Her journeys grow short yet lack colour.
She enjoyed along nostalgia, memories, history,
She just never felt the same in full concrete & glass.

Despite discomfort she shrugs
This want for utopia, renaissance, and change.

It’s funny.

~ Joelyn Alexandra

Let me know what you think. And yes, there will be more where these things come from.

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