Nanowrimo Chronicles

NaNoWriMo Chronicles: Nano thoughts for the year

I think 2011 has not been a good writing year for me.

I’ll admit that I’ve got stuff out (mostly poems) on both online and traditional publishing this year but I’m still sticking to my guns on not being a good writing year this year.

Nonetheless, I’d say that this year has probably brought more exposure and different views from different audiences and different locations, especially about the notion of creative industries.

The thing about creative industries is that the best ones tend not to follow some structured business model and follow it to the last letter, like people would in big Multi-National Companies (MNC) or manufacturing businesses. When you create something genuine, there is no timeline (or strict one, per se). And that’s the difference between fiction writing and all other kinds of writing.

When I entered Nanowrimo this year, I entered as I did with the previous years – with anticipation and excitement.

I entered with three novels at hand:

  • The Orchestra of the Brocades (The Parallel Arena Series) > Urban Fantasy-Investigative
  • Watered Down (Trina Othello Series) > Crime-Investigative
  • Kara Soulheart 2 > Annual exercise of repressed nonsense I can’t write in my “serious” writing

At the end of it all, I only finished Kara Soulheart 2, with the other two hanging and myself wanting to write Watered Down all over again.

I just had no mood to write, despite the fact that Parallel Arena and Trina Othello were two novels at hand that promised enough energy to keep me going. My viral infection and changing of jobs did not really make things any easier.

Despite all that, I did reach 50,000 words (From the three word counts combined though) and got an idea of how I really wanted the two Crime/ Investigative novels to go, so I guess that was the good thing.

So yes, I guess that was the silver lining.

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