Muse Moment

Muse Moment: Demon Lady

Muse Moment

Just something I thought off while I was waiting for e-mails:


By Joelyn Alexandra

Gold Digger,
They called her, despite
Levelling on
Status was everything to them.
Their two
Daughters brought no
Pride and joy but
Shame that she couldn’t bear.

They scolded, but they
Forgot her real
Skills in the kitchen were
Always scrutinised.
She knew how to, they
Never gave her a chance
Just so they could
Continue with their blatant actions.

They finally said, after
Numerous years of mental torture and
Sarcasm that never failed to spring at their
Tongues that they abused with their faith, a
Belief that her appearance brought nothing but the ominous in their
Blameless, high-nosed lives in spite of their
“Brother’s” actions and principles
Stood firm as they conveniently blamed…



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