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Decode: Adventure: Hong Kong Day #5

Decode Adventure

I’m going to make this very short because my last day at Hong Kong was very simple – waking up late in the hotel, going to the mall next door for food and heading to the airport. But heck, here’s a glimpse of what I picked up for the wonderful people back home =)

It’s a Stress Ball and Purse from Fa Yuen Street. Angry Birds were EVERYWHERE.
Nerd Badges from Disneyland =)
A Mid-Autumn Badge from Disneyland =)
Marie the kitty keychain (yes, from Disneyland)
Marie the Cat Pen! I think I splurged like crazy at Disneyland. HAHA. But seriously, it was almost like non-stop. It was as if I bought something whenever I entered a gift shop.
Gondola Pen and Lanyard from Venetian Macau.
Ship Luggage Tag from Fa Yuen Street as well.
Postcards from a gift shop near the Ruins of St. Paul, Macau. The sketch is really beautiful and the photos of the Venetian were just awesome.
Plane Model from a gift shop around the hotel I was in. Can’t really remember but I saw this on display and went OMGOSH I’ve got to get this!

So yay! That’s the end of my five-part blog entry of my trip to Hong Kong. We didn’t really go to a lot of places because the family was probably more interested in shopping. But I would say that this wouldn’t be the last time that I’ll be heading to Hong Kong =).

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