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Decode: Adventure: Hong Kong Day #4 (DISNEYLAND)

Decode Adventure

“Disneyland is not just a destination, it’s an experience.”


This post is dedicated to Raven Silvers, whose commitment to Disneyland outshines anyone I’ve ever known.

The main entrance to the pathway of magic goodness =)

It took quite a while to get here, with us changing train lines a few times before getting to the Disneyland line. Note here though: The magic doesn’t begin in Disneyland, no. The magic begins here.

The train on the Disneyland Line =) and its Mickey Mouse windows.
The Mickey Mouse handrails are just one of the many things that just swallow you into the land of Disney.

We didn’t really queue long to enter because the mother got the tickets in advance. Past bag check and the ticketing, we were in the land of Disney. HAHA.

The first thing I actually thought while entering the place was this – WHERE’S MY KEYBLADE?!(Kingdom Hearts reference)

Youngest cuz and I in front of Mickey surfing the whale fountain. Or something like that. Hee.
How apt.
And we enter the land of awesome-ness.

Just to give a quick summary before plunging into the pictures, Hong Kong Disneyland had 4 lands when I visited: Tomorrowland, Adventureland, Fantasyland and Main Street USA. The last I’ve heard, Toy Story Land will be coming to Hong Kong Disneyland soon.

So without further ado, let the pictures roll:


The Entrance to Tomorrowland. I actually had a photo of myself doing the Atlas thing with my pinky finger but I think it’s in the other cameras. Oh well.

We sped here. Mostly to head to Space Mountain, which was AWESOME. I don’t take rollercoasters because I get very bad motion sickness if I’m not careful.

SPACE MOUNTAIN! We were early so we got to the ride pretty quickly.

True enough, stomach didn’t feel good after the ride. For a long time. Turned out I went on the ride hungry – NOT A GOOD IDEA.

We went to Space Blasters next. Twice. Mostly because the cousins loved it.
We shot everything like crazy with the attached blasters. But I think the maximum any of us got was about a score of 50K? Yeah.
We were to Autopia later on. This was our ride. My aunt (who drives) said that driving her own car was easier than driving this. HAHAH. Okay, so I’m not THAT bad after all.
Mum, Dad and Gramma went to this wholesale shopping mall right before this ride. So we were left with the cousins and our Aunt =)


The entrance to Sleeping Beauty’s castle. You’d half expect the words “Fantasyland” appear in decorated font in front of you ala Kingdom Hearts.

We had lunch at Fantasyland with Mickey-shaped Pizzas, ceramic princesses and stuff. This was also the place that I got most of my Disneyland souvvies for the wonderful people back home. What I did like was that the souvvies weren’t as pricey as I thought they would be, so it was all good.

Part of lunch. The cuteness.
We sat next to Cinderella. There were statues of Belle, Aurora and Ariel around as well.
I bought a lot of my souvvies here. Even the shop has cool decor like this =)
I loved this ride as a kid. I still love this ride now. It was called the Cinderella Carousel but it was playing Sleeping Beauty music though. Weird.
Flying with Dumbo =)
This was taken right outside the Fantasy Garden. Wizard Mickey and his enchanted brooms.

*It’s a Small World After All was definitely a great pitstop, especially on a hot day. 10 minutes of air-conditioned singing was definitely welcomed then*

Yes it is. And that’s my brother’s head.
Before we all took the ride. There’s 10 minutes of video of the ride and crap talking in my mother’s camera. HAHAHA.


Into the Jungle we go…

We went to Tarzan’s Treehouse and the River Cruise here.

Funny experience #1: Richard and Patrick

The River Cruise queuing area.
And away we go!

We took an English tour of the River Cruise. It was available in English, Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese.

Entering the ruins of the Jungle River…
The camp of the Gorillas. Like in Tarzan.
“I told them not to argue with the Rhino! No one wins against the Rhino!”

It was an interesting ride, though it could be relatively intense for young children (my 4-year-old cousin got really freaked after that). The funny incident came after that, when the skipper ended the tour like this:

“If you enjoyed this tour, remember, my name is Richard and I was your skipper today. If you did not enjoy this tour, remember, my name is Patrick, okay?”

Talk about sabotage. HAHAHA.

Funny experience #2: Leopard Breath

So not looking forward to standing in front of this thing for too long a time… AGAIN.

You’d think that a mere display won’t cause any harm whatsoever? Think again.

You know the stink that reminds you of old saliva on sweaty t-shirts? That was the smell that came out of this Leopard’s mouth.

I’m serious.

Walking through Tarzan’s Treehouse Island. Thing.
Pots and pans to make a hell lotta noise. Like the movie.
Tarzan says hi.



We started and finished off with this area. It was beautiful in the day and better at night.

One of the gift shops we walked into. Love the decor! AGAIN.
And we ran into a marching band! Didn’t manage to catch the entire march though.
When we came back and caught the parade. Thought this Lilo and Stitch float was really cool.
Disneyland Taxi!
We went to the candy shop before dinner. Nope, didn’t have dessert before dinner though.
THIS was our real dessert – Mickey Mouse-shaped Waffles!


And THIS is Main Street USA in the evening!

And yes, the great finale of everything, the Fireworks.

This year, we managed to catch Tinker Bell’s Castle Light up in celebration of Hong Kong Disneyland’s 5th Anniversary. So it was pretty cool.

The Pre-Show in Progress: The 5th Anniversary Tinker Bell’s Castle Light Up =) Sorry it’s a little blur but it was all too quick and I was using my phone camera… as usual.
And the magic begins!


People may say that Disneyland is just Disneyland. I’d say Disneyland is not Disneyland until you visited one yourself.

Mickey says, “See you again!”

P/S – Now that they have Disneyland on Kinect, I’m excited to see how it works!

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3 thoughts on “Decode: Adventure: Hong Kong Day #4 (DISNEYLAND)

  1. The whale is called Monstro. He was in Pinocchio!

    Also, Astro Blasters is great fun, it’s one of my favorite rides in HK Disneyland. Haha I rode in the exact same car when I went to Autopia.

    Isn’t Disneyland grand? 😀

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