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Book Bites: Comics Xchange

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Last Saturday (1/10), I went for Comics Xchange – an event that gave comickers, writers, artists and fans an opportunity to network and just have fun. This time, I went as Joyce’s (a.k.a. J Damask) assistant for the day.

We set up shop slightly before 9:30, wares and all.
The programme and bazaar badge were on the table the moment we arrived =). I went there as artist’s apprentice =).

Comics Xchange was held at Goodman Arts Centre – also known as the location of the National Arts Council – and Lilian was just one of the few people that made this event possible.

We arrived when the hall was still empty and quickly set up at Booth B7. Joyce was giving a talk at the seminar with regards to getting stuff published so she got a booth for Saturday.

Poster for Joyce’s Seminar and her Name Cards for the taking! She was giving a talk about things to do while getting published.
I fanned the Oysters, Pearls and Magic into flowers. Hee.

She was selling Oysters, Pearls and Magic for $14.50 a copy (which is cheaper than if you were to buy it online). Plus, she was there as well so you could’ve gotten a signed copy.

Before Joyce went for her morning talk, we managed to sell two books! The first one was sold even before the bazaar actually started (This guy came too early but managed to browse a few stalls).

Sarah and Avarielle came later, with Avarielle helping us guard the booth while we got lunch and Sarah being the honorary NPC (Non-Playable Character) as she played her ukulele at our booths.

Generally speaking, it was an interesting experience. This was my first con-like experience on the other side of the counter so I’d say it’s still a learning experience.

The event was pretty low-key, as I heard from the organisers, so it wasn’t really surprising that the place wasn’t teaming with people. Despite that, I felt the aura of real interest amongst the people who came to visit.

On a side note, we went to see the 24-Hour Comic Workshop. Though it’s an international event, it was held together with Comics Xchange this year. Participants have 24 hours to create their own comics, however they want it.

Side note: I do want to do something like this one day. For literary purposes instead. I’m still aiming for Night of Writing Dangerously.

However, I do salute the passion of the people going through this 24 Hour feat.

Finally, just as an inside joke, Sarah, Avarielle and I made a discovery about Goodman Arts Centre.

Vertical Submarine docks here. Go find out where, we screamed when we saw their names.

And yes, I shall end with this picture:

I’m not kidding, they’re really called Big Ass Fans. Joyce has a clearer picture.

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