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Decode: Adventure: Hong Kong (actually, Macau) Day #3

Decode Adventure

Yes, we spent our third day in Macau. So the day started with us heading to the harbour and boarding the ferry to Macau itself. Note though, this post is going to be more picture heavy because: 1) Many things are said better in pictures and 2) I’m writing another short on the side, nothing to do with Hong Kong.

Departure level.
Mirror pictures outside this really huge Aji Ichiban. Which was right outside our departure gate.
And off we go!

We landed in Macau about an hour later. Our itinerary in Macau was mostly on a tour bus so I’m just going to let the pictures do most of the speaking from this point forward.

Fisherman’s Wharf

As we enter the Forbidden City…
We found ourselves near Aladdin’s world…
That reminded me of VolcanoLand back in the old Sentosa…
So we went to the Underground, where my Steampunk Fan friends will love…
From there, we also saw this up and coming Mayan temple looking facade…
So this is how it feels to walk down that impending light…
Past the relics of old battles… (This ship pic is for Avarielle)
To the end of it… The Colosseum.

Ruins of St. Paul

The Streets of Macau as we saw them.
Beautiful greenery from the top of the stairs down to the town area. (This plant pic is for Joyce)
The town area and its shops. Kinda reminds me of Ann Siang Hill. And their Pork Chop Bun is AMAZING. (This place’s pic is for Bestie SMae =))
And the famed Ruins of St. Paul. If you didn’t see this, you didn’t go to Macau. (And I dedicate this pic to Val)

Ma Zu Temple

The entrance to the Temple of Ma Zu, the sea goddess of the people. This place had a few altar halls and levels itself.

The Venetian

Our Last Stop: The famed Venetian!
HELLO FAKE VENICE! Okay, the exhibit-like facade aside, it’s still pretty, no?
We saw the beautiful canal…
… so with the help of this nice lady…
… we crossed the canal on a gondola =) …
And after walking around them brand name shops, we ended up settling down for a bit of window singing =)

It was definitely crazy hot that day so I was quite grateful that we spent most of the tour indoors or in the bus. It was really interesting trying out the Portuguese-style foods within Macau though, it was like a fusion between that and the Chinese food that we know.

Portuguese Egg Tarts were AMAZING there. We got a dozen just to eat on the bus and back in the hotel. Seriously, if I could invent or if there was an invention that would transport these egg tarts back to Singapore and still have them taste exactly the same, I would’ve bought home a crate of those. (Buttery flaky pastry and soft egg custard yum!)

We had dinner at one of the shopping malls near the Harbour, mum dubbed the place the “Paragon” in Hong Kong before we got back to the hotel. Interesting time today, wonderful experience to come next week!


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