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Decode: Adventure: Hong Kong Day #2


Decode Adventure

Day #2

Started with dim sum, at a Hakka place. I was overwhelmed by their generous offerings of shrimp in their dim sum (Trust me, their Hargows had 2.5 shrimps in them!). I was kind of disappointed by the lack of egg tarts though. Nonetheless, breakfast was great.

The Lazy Susan. Apparently Hakkas are called “Hok Ka”. Teochews are called “Chiu Chow”.

Today was meant to be the day of endless shopping so once everyone was full and happy, we were all packed up this Light Rail and to the MTR straight to Kowloon.

The Light Rail.
Festival Walk! After transferring MTR stations like crazy.

Festival Walk is very much like any other shopping mall in Orchard, only bigger with confusing levels (There’s MTR, B1, B2, L1, L2, G, 1 and 2). But there were a few things that you would probably never really see in Singapore though.


The many escalators in the place.

I know H&M won’t count because it opened on THE FIRST DAY I went to Hong Kong. But we did go to H&M and Uniqlo there. I wouldn’t really say there’s that much of a wider range but I guess it wasn’t really the season then.

I did have a very interesting lunch though. We went to the food court, and that’s when we found out that Yoshinoya is quite big in Hong Kong. I didn’t try the Pork Bowl though, I had this mixed mushroom congee with teriyaki chicken and vegetables at the side. Can’t find that in Singapore now, can we?

OH AND PAGE ONE! Sorry to jump to something totally unrelated here but yes, the Page One here (may not be the flagship store but am not very sure) is AMAZING. Half the books are in Mandarin/ Chinese yes, but their coffee table books (interior design/ architecture etc…) were quite worth it.

Yes, so with the morning in air-conditioned comfort, we headed back to the streets.


Street stalls near Fa Yuen Street.

I’m sure many people would have heard of Ladies Street, which sells trinkets, fashion stuff and other knick knacks to shopaholics everywhere. What many people tend to overlook is this place called Fa Yuen Gai (Flower Garden Street if directly translated).


Fa Yuen Street.

This was where many of the locals get their stuff – be it toiletries, home accessories, gifts, toys, clothes and snacks. In fact, we caught sight of these really interesting snacks just before we turned into Fa Yuen Street.

I ate the Sandy Waffle.

We didn’t really need to bargain here. Things were already going for so low. We did try our luck with discounts though. Most of the shop owners were nice enough to let us take one more item for that same price, so no complaints here.

Lui Yan Gai (Ladies Street) was very similar in style, only that they were selling more souvenirs and higher-end products. We didn’t really get through there very much because of the rain. What we did find out was that Hong Kong’s McDonalds’ had Honey Mustard sauce, which was really nice. HAH.

And apparently, having McDonalds overseas does not count to your “not-having-McD’s” plan. So I shall end with that.

Next post, we head to MACAU!

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