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Book Bites: Moving Poetry, Signal Boosts and the Weekend

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Moving Poetry

A few months back, I decided to participate in Moving Words, a poetry competition jointly organised by the Literary Centre and SMRT. If you’re not familiar with Moving Words, it’s pretty much poetry in our MRT stations (boards, billboards etc…)

So the Top 12 poems have been chosen (Four each for English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil) and it’s up to you to go vote for them! I didn’t make it but the chosen 12 were pretty good (You can read the translations for languages you don’t understand). I’ve made my vote so I won’t influence anyone, hee.

To vote, you can click here or here.

Signal Boost

My very good friend Jolantru a.k.a. J Damask, as you know, has a cool list of publications out. Whether or not in print or online media, her works are being read and people are spreading the word about them. However, she’s in the midst of another project which will bring her wonderful stories to a brand new audience – translating her works to Turkish.

However, translation will cost money so if you want to support her, Singapore Literature or even the Literary scene in general, click here to find out how you can help.

Come Join Us for Literary Goodness!

And I know it’s a bit last minute and it clashes with the F1 Weekend Plans but if you are interested in local genre fiction writing (especially real world genres), do come down to the National Library and share your thoughts as the Singapore Novelists (under the pen name of the Happy Smiley Writers Group)  talk about writing real world genre fiction.

Place: National Library Building Basement One
Day/ Date:
Saturday/ 24th Sept 2011

Cya there!

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