(scene fades in)

JOELYN ALEXANDRA sits in front of web camera with a faux wooden background. She checks the web cam and nods before starting.

(opens her palms and slides them horizontally at the bottom of the screen, the letters ‘ROFLMAO’ appear at the bottom of the screen)
Many of you will know about ROFL, many of you will know about LMAO. ROFLMAO was a merge some of my friends and I stuck to because…

Joelyn puts up her pointer finger and Reason #1 appears on the upper left corner of the screen.

JOELYN (cont’d)
1 – We couldn’t decide which one to use on various occasions.

Joelyn puts up a second pointer finger and Reason #2 appears below Reason #1.

JOELYN (cont’d)
2 – The impact is greater with these two put together.

Joelyn puts her hand down and both Reasons disappear. ‘ROFLMAO’ appears at the bottom of the screen after.

JOELYN (cont’d)
Hence came ROFLMAO – Rolling On the Floor, Laughing My Ass Off.

Vlog Introduction Sequence plays.


(scene fades in)

Joelyn sits at her table, elbows on the table top and hands forming a diamond with her pointer finger and thumb. She lowers her pointer fingers and looks straight at the camera.

I’m going to talk about laughter today. In a straight face, I hope. See, you’re laughing inside now.

Joelyn points at the camera.

JOELYN (Cont’d)
Don’t fool me; I can see you through the screen.

CUT TO: Joelyn looking off the screen, seat-dancing to dance music.

Camera cuts back to Joelyn, who closes in on the camera. She prods the camera, looks over her shoulder and back to the camera.

I have a confession to make – I laugh just at about anything.

CUT TO: Joelyn laughs out loud off screen.

Camera cuts back to Joelyn, with her hands over her face. She takes a deep breath and puts her hands down.

Now let us get serious here. The thing about laughing is…

Joelyn gets distracted by something on her left.

CUT TO: Joelyn tilts her head to the side and looks to the ceiling.

The thing about laughing…

CUT TO: Joelyn deep in thought, looking to the upper right corner of her range of sight.

Hmmm… laughing…

CUT TO: Joelyn sitting sideways with her legs over the arm of the chair as well, thinking as she looks to the ceiling.

The thing about laughing…

CUT TO: Joelyn tilts her head to the other side and starts speaking to the keyboard.

Mad Laughter, Giggly Laughter, Forced laughing, Controlled laughing, Hands over mouth laughing during forest prancing scenes…

CUT TO: Joelyn blabbering to the air.

(while waving her hands around)
Laughing for joy, sorrow, Evil MUAHAHA laughter… I mean, it’s hard not to laugh at something remotely funny to you.

Joelyn faces the camera.

JOELYN (cont’d)
Like seriously, how does the phrase “Wo ist mein BH?” not make you burst into laughter when taken out of context by the right people?

CUT TO: Joelyn making funny faces at the camera.

(to the side, talking to someone else)
I know! Of course there are times where laughing is just… wrong. What? No, I did not laugh at your utter lag in noticing the obvious. What?!

Joelyn turns to the camera.

JOELYN (cont’d)
Apologies on that, this exchange will be cut out, I…

A flying teddy bear hits her from the same side she was talking at. Distant laughter can be heard off screen. Joelyn slowly turns her head to the side and tries to control her laughter. She stands up to the side.

JOELYN (cont’d)
Alright! That’s it!

Joelyn marches off camera to the side. Laughter off screen becomes a series of shouting laughs.

CUT TO: Joelyn facing the camera, solemn. She closes into the camera.

The thing about laughing, is that it has to come from the heart.

Joelyn breaks into laughter.

CUT TO: Joelyn laughs behind her hands and she raises her right to block the camera for a few seconds.

I’m sorry, I can’t go on with this.

Joelyn runs out of her chair and laughs uncontrollably off screen.

Credits roll.



Disclaimer: This is purely an attempt to see if it’ll make someone (at least one person) laugh. Such videos without plot have yet to exist in my hard drive. Thank you.

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