BEDA #24: Singapore Toys, Games & Comics Convention Day #2

So yes, there were some things that “needed explaining” from Day #1 so I was really hoping Day #2 would lighten up or have something more interesting.

With that, I’d say this – If the people made Day #1 good, the people and their characters made Day #2 GREAT. Day #1 was booming with activities and walking around the booths but I’d say Day #2 was nothing less than a myriad of characters and fun stuff.

Hence, this post is dedicated to all the characters we spotted today. Most people would probably think that it’s a waste of money or time but no one can really explain the joy that it brings to the cosplayer and the people asking for pictures.

Within the Valkyrie Knights itself, Avarielle was the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), Raven was Dr. Mario, Sarah was Carmen again and I was a Veteran (Trainer Class) from Pokemon Black & White.

Dr. Mario, Carmen Sandiego, a Veteran Pokemon Trainer & the LHC with the 501st Legion. Photo courtesy of Avarielle.

That aside though, this is who we saw:

Kid Spidey, Kid Captain America & Kid Stormtrooper

Start ‘em young! While Avarielle was queuing up for Andrew Bell, Raven, Sarah and I spotted these three.

Granted we queued up 1.5 hours for Andrew Bell (because he was being awesome by drawing & autographing on every toy he was presented with) but you can’t beat three dressed up kids in that time span!

Kid Spidey was forever running around so we never really got a photo of him. But Kid Captain America and Kid Stormtrooper were quite still. We later found out that Kid Stormtrooper’s parents made that costume just for his size – As said before, start ‘em young!


Children get free entry on Sunday for STGCC. Hence, if anything, this guy’s got balls. For people who have no idea who PedoBear is, it’s an embodiment of the Internet where cute stuff and obscenities mix. Or rather, a 4chan creation of a bear with um… a love of little girls.

PedoBear perving over, well, everything? Photo courtesy of Raven.

Sarah first spotted him by going, “PEDOBEAR!!!” before taking a picture. Needless to say he was spotted near where the kids were gathering – the area where the Phineas and Ferb game was up for play.

Raven spotted him later while we were waiting for Andrew Bell.

Two Perrys carrying Phineas, Ferb and Candice

They had a morning screening of Phineas and Ferb for the kids so it was quite amusing to see these two girls who were in blue hoodies and orange caps carrying Phineas, Ferb and Candice puppets. We thought they were Mudkips at first though, since the colours looked similar from a distance.

We later found out who they really were when we went outside to take pictures. And they were giving out Perry Cookies!

Daphne from Scooby Doo

Raven and I spotted her as she was taking pictures with Mario and Luigi at the Nintendo 3DS booth. Yes, StreetPass went crazy today as well. Hee.

Doctor Who (Eleven) & Amy Pond

Scream. Scream now.

Eleven and Amy. Photo courtesy of Raven.

While we were wandering around at Elseworlds and Raven was looking through older comics, Sarah called Avarielle and said that the Eleventh Doctor and Partner, Sarah’s friends in costume, were near the back of the hall.

If Raven was the TARDIS, they would’ve been unstoppable.

Quote “Eleven” and “Amy Pond”, “Blame the messenger!” – that’s when everyone looked at Sarah. And that’s when everyone decided to head outside to take pictures as well.

Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy & Catwoman

The moment we stepped out was the moment that cosplay awesome-ness began.

While Eleven, Amy, Dr Mario and Carmen were taking pictures, another of Sarah’s friends came as Harley Quinn.

Within a few minutes, Poison Ivy and Catwoman arrived at the scene as well – Totally cool coincidence.

All they needed was a Batman. That, however, was solved in the weirdest crossover manner. At least that’s what I heard.

Super “Clark Kent” Man & Green Lantern

The reason behind the name of “Super ‘Clark Kent’ Man” was because the guy who was cosplaying Superman was technically in limbo between Superman and Clark Kent – the moment where Clark Kent starts to change to Superman. Green Lantern was there as well with his Green Axe.

So the myriad of characters came together, resulting in something like this:

Harley, Clark/Superman, Poison Ivy, Green Lantern, Catwoman. Photo courtesy of Raven.

At the end of it all, it could’ve been summed up into two very Singaporean sounding words, “Happy only!”


By this point, the cosplay competition was in the midst of going on. People were trying to decide which were the best cosplay being put up on stage.

For me, those costumes could not beat this guy:

You CANNOT be serious.

I first spotted him at the game area but wasn’t sure. It was until Sarah confirmed it before we all went, “Yam Ah Mee omgosh!”

Quote Raven, “You know you’ve made it when people start cosplaying as you!”

Thus comes the end of the character commentary for this post. To be honest, many great things happened during Day #2 –

Sarah got to shoot stormtroopers at the 501st booth for charity and we all took a picture for the same cause (Check out her site for any updates or videos). Raven got spotted by a Japanese photographer who instantly recognized her!

I wanted to get the Graphic Novel version of Yakuza Moon since it was there on Day #1 but apparently it wasn’t anymore. No matter, I got this really awesome book of prints by Mashi a.k.a. Wendy Chew, who was a darling and sketched a stylized version of Dance Central’s Emilia on the front page for me =). She sketched Princess Peach for Raven’s copy as well.

It’s not very clear but this Emilia sketch is MINE. MIIIIIINE. Hahaha. Thanks loads to Wendy Chew a.k.a. Mashi for this!

By the way, I wasn’t the only one screaming at the sketch, Sarah and KakitaRaisho (fr HereBeGeeks) screamed as well. But yes, do go check Mashi’s work out, she has amazingly cute renditions of our neighbourhood superheroes (or heroines) and does commissioned art as well.

But just to add on before I end this post of, this year’s STGCC may not be great but it wasn’t bad either – the guest list is quite phenomenal, catering to both eastern and western sides of the spectrum. I did, however, want to see more western comics and gaming stuff though, since the focus of this year seemed to be more on collectible toys.

So there you go! Our journey through two days of the Singapore Toys, Games and Comics Convention is done and dusted. I’m still a little blah about the lack of KINECT though but nonetheless, I’m looking forward to next year =).

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