BEDA #22: By the power of the Valkyries, we took the Iron Throne!

Sort of.

Thanks to HBO Asia, part of the Valkyrie Knights (Sarah, Mintea & Raven) got to watch the preview of Game of Thrones (based on the novels of the same name). It was held at ION Sky, 55 levels above ground so you could imagine the view.

From what I gathered from Raven (we went up first since Sarah, Mintea & Dude had to go and break fast), the Game of Thrones is very much like Lord of the Rings with less fantasy but more politics and nudity. While I never really read much into fantasy, any story with the clashing of the Houses/ Clans intrigues me.

ION Sky is only accessble from an elevator from the 4th level, which goes directly to the 55th Storey. So after registering and stuff, we made our way to the place.

Before the screening, we met up with the guys from HereBeGeeksPeter (@prodigalgeek), Alvin (@direcow) and Wai Liong (@kakitaraisho), RedDotDive (@syzzlyn) and Yin (@clicktokill). Quote Sarah, it was like a “geek prom”.

Too true, we did feel a bit… “under-glammed”. Despite all that, we had great fun finding Houses for a card we received before we entered and posing on the Iron Throne before we were treated to an hour’s worth of medieval-clan political drama. Hee.

The Iron Throne in all its greatness.
Raven, Sarah and the self being Yin’s “angels”. HAHA.
Conquering the Iron Throne. HEE. Thanks to HBO Asia!

The nudity, sexual references and gory-ness aside, Game of Thrones really is like a medieval version of Clan Wars from the Chinese wuxia serials. Only this time, you probably need a real family tree to figure out the roots of the various characters.

Many thanks goes to Atiqah, HBO Asia and their team for this event. Can’t wait for the rest of Game of Thrones =).

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2 thoughts on “BEDA #22: By the power of the Valkyries, we took the Iron Throne!

  1. Hey Joelyn! Haha that was a good quote by Sarah – “geek prom”! Glad you had a good evening. It was pretty awesome to meet you and gang. Catch the second episode this Sunday at 11pm! (after the premiere of the pilot). 2 eps back-to-back every week.
    Cheers:) tiqah

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