BEDA #16: Why do I write?

I’ve said this to my friends and family before: I’ve already found my dream job, I just can’t pay bills with it. At least not yet.

Unofficially, I started writing fiction at nine. They were short compositions that I wrote on PowerPoint slides, mostly due to its notebook design template they had before. So yes, it really looked like I was writing a book then.

My dive into writing long fiction came only after watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (at 13). At that pointing I had deviated from fiction to script, mostly due to the theatre drama background I had from my CCAs (Co-Curricular Activities – very much like after school activities or classes for students). But somehow, the movie made that bridge between print and screen like never before.

So that’s a brief glimpse into how I started.

I do have to admit, I never really believed I could get anything out until I joined the National Novel Writing Month, possibly due to the fact that I kept changing what I was writing and the fact that there was hardly any direction. The literary arts scene and local works out then didn’t pose any help as well (I’d already started focussing on the Crime Fiction aspect then).

Everything changed when I did Nanowrimo. Apart from the works that we got out as a collaborative, the like-mindedness and the same passion to pursue all things literary opened my eyes to many different styles and genres. While it mattered not whether I could click with all of them, I felt that I now write for a different reason.

Somehow or rather, it feels rather liberating to pen the thoughts of different people in a fictional setting, opening your mind and sights to different perspectives.

I used to not be able to answer the question of, “Why do you write?”

I used to throw indecisive answers that even left me questioning myself.

But thanks to Nanowrimo, the writers and many other things, I now have my answer, which I believe will evolve over time.

I now write to live lives I may never live. And I hope that this would grow and evolve over time =)

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