BEDA #12: Of Smiling Sammys =)

I’ve always preferred dogs over cats. No offence to the Internet population of cats but if dogs and cats of the same calibre and competency came to apply for a job on the blog, sorry, the doggie gets it. Don’t get me wrong though, I think cats are cute too, I just love my dogs more.

But within each species there will be different breeds. I’d say that I was quite amazed that good friends Mintea and Sarah could tell different breeds of cats apart at a (if not a few) glance(s).

The only cats I ever knew were the British Shorthair (LOVELY), the Tabby (Is it even a breed or is it purely a gender term?) and the Siamese. So it was quite a learning experience when Mintea spoke about her love for Maine Coons (huge cats, basically) and Sarah’s encounters with DiDi Darkfluffington (neighbourhood cat).

Now, back to dogs – I think my love for the pooch came when I realized (through my kindergarten life of always wanting a pet) that my family used to keep dogs. At that point my knowledge of dogs were still relatively limited to breed like Goldies, Cocker Spaniels, Poodles, Collies etc…

My maternal family, apparently, had owned 7 Keeshonds in the past. At the same time. Since then, I came to love dogs, the sight of dogs, their behaviour towards people and the great things they do. Best thing that came out from it? Somehow or rather, I’m not afraid of dogs, even those who sound like lions.

Knowing this, people have, over the years, asked if I were to have one breed and one breed of dog only, what would it be?

Allow me to digress here for a moment – there are many popular dogs out there, Lassie shot the Collies to fame, so did Buddy/ Air Bud for Golden Retrievers, not forgetting 101 Dalmatians and Beethoven (St. Bernards).

The Internet caught onto this “cute dog meme” phase as well, with Corgis (or Corgum as my good friend, Jerrick, would call them) being, as fellow Valkyrie Knight Raven Silvers would put it, being the “cats of the dog world”.

My favourite dog breed, despite the irresistibility of the Corgi, is the Samoyed. Yes, as you’ve seen from my examples, I love my big dogs. A few reasons:

1.      Samoyeds love people

No doubt about this, even Dogs 101 endorse them. Samoyeds run up to a person the moment he/ she comes up smiling. And because they love people, you have less of a worry of them attacking your kids.

2.      Relative ease in training

They descended from working dogs, plus they will need a lot of space/ time to get exercise – perfect excuse for you to go for a run and a little edge on training them since they respond relatively well.

3.      They’re cute snowy puff balls that smile at you.

Need I saw more? Plus their fur is hypoallergenic which means sneeze-bugs like me won’t get breathing problems.

And the list is non-exhaustive. I have this general thing about Spitz dogs (sans the Pom) but I’d say the Smiling Sammy would be my choice. Pity the weather here doesn’t permit comfortable living for them though but if there was one and only one, it’ll still have to be the Sammy =).

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