BEDA #9: Singapore’s National Day

9th August 1965 – The date that Singapore gained its independence.

9th August Every Year – Singaporeans celebrate their country’s National Day.

Since Singapore has been independent for 46 years, this post shall list 46 things I would like to see in Singapore in the future:

46. Ample talents in many fields with balanced credit for them (Not just to financiers, economists, doctors, engineers or lawyers but also to teachers, artists, musicians, writers, journalists etc…)

45. More of our own born-and-bred Singaporeans (Regardless of status) standing up to make a name for Singapore.

44. “New Towns” that do not centre purely on shopping malls but more on activity centres like libraries, adventure centres (where people don’t have to pay an arm and a leg), pugilistic gyms, dance studios etc…

43. Cook-outs or Bake-offs. Instead of just catering stuff for a block party, why not involve the people in a contest or something along those lines? Just look at tailgates, bake-offs and cook-outs in other countries! It doesn’t have to be limited to just BBQs with family, friends and neighbours can chip in too.

42. While we’re at it, Write-Ins! Think “Night of Writing Dangerously”, a huge group of Nanowrimo writers (or any writers) at Raffles City Shopping Centre’s atrium furiously typing away like we’re in a huge “exam hall” only with more interaction and concentration.

41. Okay why not just throw this into the equation -> Artist Colonies! I know we have one developing in Goodman Arts Centre now, I’m also hoping that it will develop into something more independent, free and creative.

40. The focus on the individual country instead of comparing it to others – both positively and negatively. We NEED NOT be like the US or the UK BUT we also NEED NOT be like China or India. We are SINGAPORE, can we have an environment that says so? Please?

39. Concentrating on the intangibles rather than forgoing the “human touch” for KPIs and ROIs. While the latter is important, I feel that the intangibles (staff welfare, customer service etc…) will be beneficial in a long run, rather than just going by the book – especially in public service.

38. Kampung spirit. I don’t care if people say we have to progress into a city, no one said that the kampung spirit is backwards. Kampung spirit doesn’t exactly have to be in a kampung and doesn’t have to be fostered purely through block parties.

37. A more active SME (Small-Medium Enterprises) or local business culture. Especially in terms of local cafes, local bookstores and what nots. Every MNC you know started out as an SME, why not develop our own?

36. Local creations and products to be less expensive than the imported stuff. I mean seriously, people may really want to support local works but you look at the surplus you have to pay as compared to the imported stuff? It’s kinda funny.

35. That being said, local creations (especially in the Arts (visual, performing, literary etc…)) to be marketed more overseas as well.

34. A loosening grip of “National Identity” and “Singaporean Culture” on “requirements to be considered good art” – once you let go, you’ll have it naturally. Force it and you’ll get stuff people don’t really appreciate after a while.

33. While we’re at it, a Renaissance. Without a Masterplan.

32.  More mutual respect on the roads. Motorcyclists, please don’t give everyone the “surprise weave around” in traffic just to “get ahead”. Drivers, please give respect to motorcyclists and stop being privileged asses just because you’re on four wheels.

31. More support for the local arts, especially from the people.

30. That being said, a broader range of arts to be explored and not scrutinized.

29. More people in the private sector being more willing to become patrons to support local artists (literary, visual or performance) so that the artists can work more freely and not be dependent on the state all the time.

28. Better concentration on the process of learning rather than final grades.

27. Different styles of teaching to teach things like soft skills and application of knowledge instead of pure cramming of knowledge.

26. Teachers to stop telling the students, “Stop asking why and just follow the textbook!”

25. Parents to take a more active role in teaching their children instead of just going, “You think we don’t need to work ah?!”

24. Bosses of working parents (both husband and wife) to understand familial commitments instead of going, “Okay lor! Go home and look after your children, you don’t need to come back to work tomorrow!”

23. The understanding that completing your work and leaving the office by the prescribed time = efficiency and =/= not enough work to do.

22. Happier children.

21. Happier employees.

20. Happier people. People who are happy tend to be more productive. And people who are happy tend to be happy due to other things, not just material or monetary gains.

19. The opportunity to fall and pick yourself up.

18. The opportunity to help the fallen without being called stupid.

17. Respect for all career paths. Or jobs for the matter. A decent job is a decent job, it does not need to be in a high-ranking office as long as it gives everyone an honest living. No point “reserving your respect” for jobs of a certain “salary range” or “status”.

16. Less fear of uncertainties (with myself as well).

15. Balance of competition but also compassionate in education. This will lead to the workplace in the future.

14. Equal respect and treatment to everyone, whether you’re a man, a woman, a child, a local, LGBT, a tourist. In short, regardless of status and person.

13. Dancing in the streets without weird stares. HAHAHA.

12. More students from average backgrounds getting more scholarships.

11. The exploration and gradual implementation of rehabilitation together with crime deterrence.

10. Okay, the brand people are either going to laugh at this next line or hate me for taking their line, “Collaboration rather than Competition”.

9. Better work-life balance. There’s more to life than work and there’s at least some work to do in life, please find a good balance to enjoy/ appreciate both.

8. A greater allowance to imagine, create and dream.

7. A greater amount of dreams coming true. (Unless you want to be a prince/princess but that’s technically not really possible because we’re not a monarchy)

6. More united families. (Random but this touches me a lot)

5. OH! Gaming to become a sport. HAHAH.

4. More active volunteerism (as volunteerism), especially in various fields of interest.

3. Eco-friendliness – I just have to. Maybe things will turn out for the better if this is embraced fully.

2. Heartware.

1. A United People.

The list is non-exhaustive but I thought it could give society some idea. Hee. Thanks for reading!

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