BEDA #8: No, we didn’t get to do the “Ghost” scene

Tomorrow would be Singapore’s National Day so the “Weekend Missions” for this week will be done today =)

With reference to the title, it came about when Sarah found a place that actually does pottery/ clay work with the works (heh) – potter’s wheel, potter’s clay, ceramics, glaze, kilns and all that jazz. All of which located at Goodman Arts Centre, where the National Arts Council (NAC) is.

We headed down to Goodman Ceramics Centre, which is located behind the NAC office buildings and got our membership cards sorted out. In order to go through activities or create your own stuff, you will need the membership card where you can add value and use to pay for your activities.

So after everything administrative was on its way, we headed to the working area:

Goodman Ceramics Centre
Where the kilns were

The space had great ventilation, ample space (even for the five of us plus another artist and the instructor), relatively quiet and well-lit – definitely conducive for a session of random inspiration and creation.

But before we started on the mugs we were supposed to make/ decorate, our instructor, Hazel, showed us the makings of a mug/ vessel/ container with the potter’s wheel.

Shaping the clay
You spin me right round, baby right round, like a record baby, right round round round… Okay, sorry :/

It was also good to note that such clay dried out quickly despite it having to go through the kiln anyway. That meant that working with such clay ideally required damp, cooler hands or a crazy load of water.


Mugshot. Before we worked it.

Working with such clay was harder than I thought. I know I used to work with polymer clay, which had the advantage of staying soft and pliable regardless of the duration it was exposed to the air. But such clay also gave the security that it would not bend or crumble easily after it has been dried out and fired.

We all had different takes with our mugs: Sarah made the Assassin’s Creed logo, Mintea had cats on her mug, Raven sculpted her name on the mug and Avarielle carved the Large Hadron Collider. Hee. Mine had no handle, a magnifying glass and a leaf-looking quill instead.

The clay would have to take about three weeks to dry out and get fired before getting glazed – so no pictures from the final product just yet.

But these look good, non?


Nonetheless, it’ll be cool to check Goodman Ceramics Centre out. We have been searching for a pottery place that doesn’t cost a bomb just to use and despite its somewhat “off-town” location, it’s quite accessible with the circle line.

They open every day from 10am to 7pm, with the nearest MRT station to be Mountbatten (Circle Line). For more information, do check them out here

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