I just had to say that because it was the first thing that came into my mind this morning. Actually it only came into my mind while I was on the bus to work, when my mind started receiving spare brainpower to think of other things.

But despite all that, I will not be blogging about any forms of formulas or theorems (Theorems? Theorii?) or Charlie the Unicorn (Mathematical!). No, Day 2 of BEDA will be on… Tongue Twisters.

Or more specifically, a recently discovered (actually last week for me) Dr. Who Tongue Twister.

Now, I don’t watch Dr. Who (mostly because of the backlog of shows I have yet to finish) so I need to get filled in about what goes on in it from the Valkyrie Knights. Hence, terms like Timey-Wimey, TARDIS, David Tennant and so forth are not exactly alien to me.

But before I dive straight into the Tongue Twister itself, let me give you a bit of a background behind how I came to hear of it.

So I was having dinner with my friends MizHalle and Raven Silvers one night and Raven started talking about David Tennant, his girlfriend, Georgia Moffett and their daughter.

The explanation here was that Georgia Moffett is the daughter of Peter Davison, who acted as the 5th Doctor in the Dr. Who series. Later on in the 10th Dr Series, she acted as the 10th Doctor’s (David Tennant) daughter. At the same time, she got together with David Tennant (as a couple off-screen) and had their daughter.

Hence, the line erupted:

“The (5th) Doctor’s daughter acted as the (10th) Doctor’s daughter and had the (10th) Doctor’s daughter.”

Now try saying that five times fast.

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