BEDA #1 – The HP Fanfic that never came to be

So as the title suggests, I’ve decided to participate in Blog Everyday in August (BEDA) so it’s going to be 31 days of title spamming on Twitter and/or Facebook if the connection is being nice.

And because Howard (from Big Bang Theory) mentioned the word, “Muggle”, this blog is going to be about a Harry Potter fan fic I had in my head for the longest time. (Until I stopped post-Order of the Phoenix)

Ironically enough, the protagonist in my fan fic’s called “Phoenix Wong”, youngest child and only daughter to ‘Plus Ones’ – Magicians with additional powers, in their case, psychic powers.So Phoenix’s parents, Cameron and Victoria Wong, are corresponding Aurors around the world.

Sorted into the Hogwarts house of Ravenclaw, Phoenix is a Plus One with telekinetic powers, which results in her having to hold an Indigo-Wood wand in order to control them. Same thing happened to her brothers when they got sorted.

Phineas, in 3rd year taking Muggle Studies, is telepathic.

Philip, in 6th year taking Care for Magical Creatures, heals.

Phenton, a Curse-breaker (colleagues with Bill Weasley) who is well-versed in Arithmancy, teleports without the skill of Apparition.

Phoenix later takes Ancient Runes together with Hermione in 3rd year and ends up with George Weasley.

When I stopped reading the books, the fan fic kind of stopped as well. Which is why the fan fic protagonist is still with George Weasley despite his character being married to his late brother’s girlfriend, though technically she could still be with him since there was no indication on George’s marriage with Angelina Johnson in the movie. Alternate universes of fiction perhaps?

Thus ends my first BEDA post, fleeting as it seems and I will see you tomorrow for Day 2 =)

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